Watching Your Favourite Sports In Canada When You Can’t Go To The Game

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There is no doubt that Canadians love their sports, especially hockey, and more recently basketball courtesy of the Toronto Raptors. So, the last year has been difficult with fans not able to go and watch their favourite teams live. However, there are options when it comes to getting your fill of domestic and international sports.

Gone are the days when cable was the best choice for watching sport at home. Now, there is nothing quite like live streaming the action for convenience and from a financial point of view. If you are looking to live stream sports, there are various options to consider.

Live streaming using a sportsbook

You may never have thought about watching live action using a sportsbook before. However, this can be a good option, especially if you like to bet on sports. Many online sports betting providers, like Comeon Canada, stream some events live. If you have an account, you can watch your team and bet on them simultaneously.

The one thing to be aware of is that you may not be able to live stream this way without betting. Often, there is a minimum wager required before you can watch.

Using a traditional streaming provider

If you are not interested in sports betting, you may want to choose a more traditional provider. These providers also give you a wider choice of sports action to choose from.

There are three main sports streaming providers in Canada to choose from. You may want to spend time comparing what they have to offer.

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Sportsnet NOW

Sportsnet NOW is Sportsnet’s streaming service and is the biggest sports streaming operator in Canada. Sportsnet NOW gives access to most of the major action across the big sports leagues.

You have the option to pay for just a week’s subscription if this is enough to give you access to the action you want to watch. Overall, there are two different subscription levels. The premium level, Sportsnet NOW+, provides access to all leagues with few blackouts. If you choose the regular tier, Sportsnet NOW, you get access to what is deemed to be “essential” content.

TSN Direct

 TSN Direct includes access to commentaries and news. One of the biggest advantages of this option is that you can buy a day pass if you just want to watch a particular game.

There is no premium option for TSN Direct. You can choose to either pay the full subscription or opt for the day pass.


DAZN is the most affordable choice from the three top live streaming providers in Canada if you pay for the entire year upfront. This is ideal if you are a big sports fan and you know that you will watch a lot of content.

DAZN is probably not a good choice if you are a fan of NHL, which applies to around 58% of Canada’s sports fans. This is because there is no NHL on DAZN. On the other hand, fans of other sports are well-catered-for with plenty of NFL and soccer available.

watching favourite sports on phone

Your choice of live streaming sports provider is likely to depend on how much sport you watch and your sport of choice. You may even want to combine watching at a sportsbook for some events with buying a day pass for others if doing this gives you the coverage you need.

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