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Ways To Deal With Unwanted Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair is no easy process, at least not if you are limiting yourself to just one method. There are actually quite a few ways to say good-bye to those stressful strands. Whether you are trying to get rid of a few unwanted hairs or a large patch, there are many treatments that you can trust.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair by Shaving It

shaving legs

The most obvious choice for most of us when we have hair we want to get rid of is to shave it. There is nothing wrong with shaving. In fact, it’s one of the fastest ways to turn hairy skin into smooth skin. It also comes with very few risks, as long as you don’t accidentally break the skin. Even if you do, the worst you might get is a small cut.

There are only two major problems with shaving. The first is that it can be easy to miss hairs here and there. The second is that shaving only gets rid of surface hair. It has no impact on hair follicles, which are the roots of the hair. That means that the hair can break back through the surface with in as little as a day or two and be quite noticeable again within a few days.

Removing Body Hair by Having a Laser Procedure Done

Lasers are also excellent ways of getting rid of unwanted body hair. You can go to a clinic to have laser hair removers get rid of any hairs that you don’t want on your body. There is practically no limit to what lasers can do, and they can treat almost any body part. So, regardless of where the hair is, you can easily have it removed at a laser clinic, as long as you have no other skin conditions that could make you a bad candidate to have a laser procedure done.

One of the nicest things about laser treatments is that they can target entire hairs, including the follicles. They don’t leave hairs lurking right under the top skin layer. By getting down deep, laser hair removal can keep your unwanted hairs from coming back too soon. In fact, it can take weeks for some of them to return, especially if you complete an entire series of hair removal sessions.

Waxing and Sugaring Can Also Get Rid of Hair

waxing unwanted hair

Waxing and sugaring are similar in that they both can be used to treat legs and bikini lines. The effects of sugaring, however, can last much longer than the effects of waxing. Both methods are excellent for removing hair, but some people prefer to avoid them because they can be painful and uncomfortable. Having them done in a spa or clinic by a professional can typically minimize that discomfort, but you can also perform either technique in your own home, if you want to.

Electrolysis, Threading, Depilatory Creams, and Other Hair Removal Processes

Other hair removal techniques vary widely in terms of costs, time spent, and discomfort levels. Over the counter and prescription depilatory creams can get rid of some body hair. More stubborn strands might require electrolysis. Threading is also an option for several parts of the body, though it is usually reserved for sculpting eyebrows and not all skincare clinics and spas offer it.

The important thing to remember about removing unwanted hair from your body is that none of the techniques above need to be done exclusively. Hair removal is something that you can easily experiment with until you settle on your own favorite treatment. How you choose one will depend on your pain tolerance level, your budget, time constraints, and how long you want the hair to take to grow back.

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