A Look At The Many Ways We Use Our Modern Smartphones


Cell phones have advanced significantly since their initial appearance way back in 1992. These days nearly every Canadian owns or at least has access to a cell phone and, through them, access to the internet and all the information and possibilities that offers.

For almost a century, telephones were just used for voice communication, or for transferring text messages (whether through the old-fashion Telex systems, or more modern SMS/text messaging.  Now we are a full generation (Gen Z!) into smartphones, devices that can perform a mind-boggling array of tasks with split second responses that a super computer a few decades ago could have barely pulled off. The wide range of activities, whether “productive” or note includes, streaming music, playing videos, downloading and running complex applications, transferring money, or just goofing around – the list is endless.

Internet gaming for everyone

At the same video gaming, and now more specifically, internet gaming has advanced a huge amount in a short space of time. Gaming on the web can range from a mindless smartphone jewel game to enormous virtual universes where thousands of players can simultaneously connect with one another as teammates or competitors.

The way these games are played has changed radically too with advances in cell phone innovation and processing power. Previously,  players would have had their own gaming rigs set up at a LAN party or tournament to compete with one another. These days, you can in a real sense play online with anyone, whenever and anyplace simply using your everyday smartphone.

Gaming on your smartphone has fully been embraced by the casino, or iGaming industry, with a plethora of sites and companies competing for players. This competition has led to a wide variety of offerings, and attractive bonuses to lure clientele.

There is a wide, sometimes wild, world of web-based gaming options out there, if you’re looking for some idle distraction after a long day, or a boring COVID lockdown, it’s only a few taps and a smartphone away.

Online payments made easy thanks to services like Paypal and Interac

Our phones are also now increasingly becoming our wallets. Whether it’s for online clothing or grocery shopping or paying for in game content, or managing your funds to store and withdraw funds from your online poker account, you should think about a couple of things. Normally, you will require quick, safe transactions, and ideally no extra fees attached, at least on the consumer end. PayPal, and credit cards have been the main online payment vehicles, but direct payment from customers bank accounts is becoming more common. Canadians have long used the Interac payment method, with a card,  in “the real world” and now it is commonly being used in online transactions as well. Interac is a Toronto-based charge card administration system that offers quick and dependable online payments for consumers and vendors. whether paying your annual auto insurance or in Canada hoping to test your luck at Interac casinos.

Online media still growing exponentially

Online media consumption has soared in all possible ways over the previous decade with the ascent of sites like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Pinterest, not to mention 500 million blogs! With a world so digitally obsessed, it difficult to not get caught up in the online media fever somehow, be it cat videos, makeup tutorials or political ranting.

couple fun on phone

Video content streaming is king

It is suggested that 80% of all web utilization was for streaming video content in 2019, and that has likely grown considerably since then. It’s no big surprise web-based video content has been a dominant force in pop culture, and all culture lately.

Prior to the web, video came through a TV, or in far fewer cases in a movie cinema. These days video is available via countless apps, sites, and formats on the web, and the quality continues to improve along with faster internet speeds. – allowing consumers to get their fix anywhere, anytime.

The major streaming platforms, whether YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime or countless others all a viewer endless content options, with in seconds, much of it free, or at least with minor interruptions by ads. With Netflix being the most notable of these organizations they being chased by other big media companies looking to get a piece of on-demand video market, massive company like Amazon, Apple and Google, that see the billions to be make in the video market.

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