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Just A Few Things We Love About Miami

Miami South Beach

Miami has always been a vacation hotspot and a popular spring break destination. Located in Florida, the southern gem of the U.S., Miami is known for its fashion, nightlife, beaches and rockin’ social scene. Home to the Miami Dolphins, as well as countless celebrities, Miami’s cosmopolitan vibe has landed it as a “must-see” city.

So who calls Miami home? Eva Mendez, JLo and Mark Anthony, Enrique Iglesias and Rosie O’Donnell—just to name a few!

Miami Musts


South Beach, gives us turquoise blue waters, beautiful people and sandy shores as far as the eye can see. Known as SoBe, it is the ultimate beach destination. Rent a chair or sprawl out on the sand and spend the day swimming, sunning and relaxing! Or go for a walk, jog or bike ride along the boardwalk.

Miami South Beach


Lincoln Road Mall, an internationally recognized outdoor shopping district closed to traffic. With every store you can imagine, it is the jewel of Miami and the ultimate place to see and be seen. Stop for lunch at one of the many restaurants in this area and have fun people-watching. Want to shop ‘til you drop? Head around the corner to Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue shopping district to score more finds!

Miami Beach Lincoln Road Mall


Miami by water and experience the excitement of a Zodiac RIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boat) ride—the same boats used by the FBI & Coast guard. As you speed along the water, you’ll learn about the area, possibly see a dolphin or two and feel the sun and wind on your face. Voted #1 Activity to do in Miami Beach on tripadvisor.com and we loved it too!

Miami Ocean Force Adventures


“Miami Fashion is all about staying cool!” says Luisa Patroni, a Miami native. Bright colours, breezy fabrics and interesting cuts are what Miami fashion is all about.

Miami Street Fashion

For the ultimate shopping trip, plan to hit some local fashion shows. Or better yet, visit in late spring during Fashion Week, an international celebration of Latin fashion design!

Planning A Trip

Planning a Miami trip can be nearly as much fun as the vacation itself! Whether you are travelling with friends or family, there are tons of options in this area. Go online to learn more.

Talk to other travellers, read reviews and check out real traveller photos: www.tripadvisor.com

Check out festival schedules
Whether you are into film or fashion, there’s bound to be something that will spark your interest: www.miamiandbeaches.com

Want to see a rocket launch?
NASA is only a 3-hour drive from Miami. Look at their online timetable: www.nasa.gov

Miami South Beach Hotels

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And here’s a little bonus trivia for you!

FACT OR FICTION: The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is described as an imaginary triangle in the sea with points at Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. For over 50 years, legends and stories have been told of the mysterious disappearances and paranormal activities that have taken place in this area. Also known as “The Death Triangle,” many pilots and captains avoid the area to this day.

The myths are many, but the disappearances are proof that there is certainly something strange about this area. Sailors have reported compasses spinning wildly. Entire crews have disappeared. Boats have gone missing and then mysteriously reappear years later—as though no time had gone by at all. From military aircrafts to sailing boats, the number of missing vessels, and people, has boggled many.

Some are convinced that the Bermuda Triangle is indeed an inexplicable phenomenon. Others say the number of disappearances has been blown out of proportion and is really no different than any other part of the ocean.

Fact or fiction? You can blame it on bad weather patterns, hurricanes or strange magnetic pulls. Some believers have even suggested alien activity. Others think it could be a time warp. Whatever the case, it’s one of the greatest mysteries of our time—and it’s right here in Miami!

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