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What Is The Best Video Game Genre? (Hint: It Depends)

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When considering the video game industry, it is not hard to see that there are many different genres available to players. All video game genres have certain characteristics that make them able to be differentiated into different categories.

The benefit of this is that people can have an idea about what to expect before they buy the game, as there will be common traits in a game of a specific genre, for example, a shooter is likely to have many enemies on the screen for players to shoot at.

Some people may wonder what the best game genre is as some do not want to or simply cannot purchase games of every genre to try and find what the best one is. Many people would somewhat correctly argue that there is no single best genre and the answers are always going to be based on subjectivity rather than fact.

This is because game genres do not accomplish anything, they simply provide entertainment to the players that enjoy them. Because people enjoy different things, it is hard to put a definitive answer to the question, however, this does not mean it is impossible.

There is no doubt that the meteoric rise the video game industry is seeing at the moment is incredible. This is because the industry was never expected to become so massive, and its growth can best be seen by looking at its position in the entertainment sector.

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The industry is bigger than both movies and music, making video games the leading form of entertainment in the world. This growth mirrors other entertainment industries too, such as online gambling which may also be growing so much due to the plethora of sites available to players that are ever-expanding their payment selection options. Players can now find many Interac e-Transfer betting sites to satisfy their needs.

To get an idea of the best genre, one only needs to take the massive population of gamers in the world and see what is the most frequently played genre, as this will inform people what the most popular genre is. Using these metrics, it seems that the best genre in gaming is action.

This is because it is the most played genre, and being wide encompassing, many different video games can fall within the category. When it comes down to it, this is the only answer that is based on facts and it is hard to support another genre, without dismissing the facts and relying on subjectivity.

While action is arguably the best genre, many people will disagree in favour of others that appeal to them. Some might like how they can sink time into RPGs or build a dream team in a sports game (which happens to be the second most popular genre). It is clear that until a better way of measuring the ‘quality’ of a genre is established, there is no doubt that the best video game genre is action.

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