What To Do After You’ve Been In A Car Accident

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Car accidents can happen to anyone. Here’s what to do after you’ve been involved in a collision:


Although a crash is frightening and intimidating, never flee from the scene of the accident. Doing so can result in criminal charges, and not just ramifications from your insurance company.

Whether you believe you’re at fault or not, you should always stop and access the level of damage and injuries to both you and the other parties. If there is significant damage, inform the police and call a tow truck. If the damage is minor, simply pull over to a safe area away from any oncoming traffic.

Exchange information with all persons involved in the accident. This should include the name and address of the other driver(s), insurance information, vehicle information and driver’s license(s). You’ll also want to take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and the others in case it’s requested by your insurer.

Exchange In Minimal Conversation

Next, keep in mind to not divulge too much information, especially if you think you might be at fault. Even though it might seem like the honourable thing to do, driving laws and fault-determination are difficult to navigate in Ontario. It’s entirely possible you’re not actually 100% at fault but a premature admission could be held against you in a lawsuit. 

Even if you’re completely innocent, letting someone know your injuries are not serious could have potential consequences down the line. When engaging with other parties, don’t discuss anything more than everyone’s safety and driving information. Don’t overshare. 

Also avoid posting anything on social media pertaining to your accident. It’s a known fact insurance companies use your personal platforms to undertake informal surveillance, which means you could unintentionally give them evidence against you.

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Report The Accident

It’s mandatory to report an accident in Ontario. No matter how minor the damage and injuries, you must go to a collision reporting centre within 24 hours or else you could end up with a $2,000 fine, license suspension and/or jail time.

Don’t ever make plans with the other party to not report, because they might turn around and do it anyway. When they claim through their insurer, your insurance company will also be notified. And if you didn’t report your accident, there’s a good chance your insurer will deny the claim and cancel your policy.

Remember to always report your accident to your insurance company, the police, or both, regardless of you’ll be filing a claim.

Seek Treatment From A Medical Professional

Motor vehicle collisions can cause you to experience adrenaline and shock and you might not immediately realize the extent of your injuries. It’s crucial to see a doctor right away. Not only will this provide peace of mind, but you’ll also start to establish a history of medical documents relating to the accident.

Get In Touch With A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you believe you might be at fault for an accident or if you’ve suffered injuries, it is beneficial to get expert advice from a Personal Injury Lawyer. A legal professional will provide you with clarity on fault determination and next steps for a potential lawsuit. They will also offer information on how to seek treatment for any injuries sustained in the collision. 

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A car accident is never simple. But you don’t have to deal with it alone. 

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