What To Do If You Are Blackmailed?

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The Internet has become a space where people work, communicate, and entertain. Let us also be honest, sometimes, users resort to the services of dating sites or gambling platforms to escape from an unhappy marriage or solitude. From the psychological point of view, escape is never a solution, but what shall a person do if he/she has received an email in which it is written that one’s web activity will be disclosed to a wife (husband, etc.) unless a certain amount of money is not transferred to a specified account.

Of course, the first and most crucial rule of behavior on the Internet is to make sure that you are on a safe platform. If you have decided to play Book of Oz slot game, make sure that a casino is reliable and uses encryption. If you want to communicate with someone on a dating site, check feedback on the Internet to make sure that dating services are the field of activity of this company. However, what should a person do if the above precautions have not been taken or have not helped?

Acceptance of the Situation

Of course, thinking under the influence of negative emotions is not objective, but in any case, it will be difficult for you to solve the problem. The main motive of a person who has become a victim of a blackmailer is to avoid bad things. But let’s be honest with ourselves: the bad has already happened. This is the reality to be accepted. This fact should be your starting point. After that, you should think about what specific actions need to be taken to get out of the situation in the most rational way.

Your steps should be:

  • Clearly understand that the state of anxiety will not help to make an informed decision.
  • Accept the fact that you are in an unpleasant situation. You cannot rewind it or close your eyes to it. You need to start thinking about solving the problem.

Do Not Accept the Terms of a Blackmailer

Under no circumstances should pay money to this malicious person. You may become a constant source of finances for this person. What may they have against you?

  • Information on the activity on the Internet,
  • Private pictures,
  • Another kind of sensitive data you are not ready to disclose to anyone.

Even if you agree and pay the required amount of money, are there guarantees that a blackmailer will delete all the evidence? No. So, the best solution is to accept the consequences and tell your wife (husband, friend, etc.) what a malicious person blackmails you with.

Identity theft - Internet Hacking - security

And most importantly, you need to inform the police. You are definitely not the only person who has suffered from the activity of this blackmailer or a group of criminals. Their activity should be terminated. Do not try to threaten them with police so as not to scare blackmailers away. You may help the police in the investigation. Hopefully, in the future, you will never get in a situation like this. Stay safe!

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