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It has become more common to hire overseas staff in recent years. There is an unprecedented and increasing skills shortage that has prompted many businesses to join the bandwagon. Invest in recruiting skilled employees to deliver the results the business stands for if you want to stay afloat and ahead of the competition. Many small and medium-sized businesses find it beneficial to hire overseas workers to meet this challenge. If you are in need of skills and attitudes that international recruits possess, you may find that hiring a good agency, such as Delan, will be beneficial to you and your business.

Hiring migrant workers is a financial decision because they are known to be expensive. The alternative is an unfortunate outcome. If they are employed as a guarantee, then they would prove beneficial rather than a liability for your business. If you choose the wrong path, you’ll waste your time, money, and effort. Employment agencies ought to be more selective in their recruitment process.

When you choose an appropriate overseas recruitment agency, the exercise of bringing in overseas staff will be very rewarding. This business is flooded with businesses touting themselves as the best. What are the differences between the good and the bad? In this write-up, we aim to provide insights on some of the key aspects that you should consider when hiring an international recruitment agency.

An Agency to Hire Overseas Staff

Employers and candidates find recruiting an overwhelming and confusing industry. It becomes even more challenging to choose a suitable overseas recruitment agency in this maze. In order to find the right recruitment agency, you should look out for some specific characteristics, especially if you’re hiring overseas staff.

International Presence

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If you’re looking for a reputable recruitment agency, one with offices in the city, province, or country where you wish to locate is a good bet. Unless the agency has multiple office locations, be cautious when signing with a start-up agency.

Recruitment agencies claiming to have offices abroad exist. Obtain their registration documents for the respective countries in order to verify their claims. You’ll quickly know if they’re being honest with you or are deceiving you with false claims. This is likely to cost you more money since they may be working with an associate agency. In addition, they are not able to control the recruiting process or the screening of candidates.


In addition to knowing how to guide and lead you through the transition process, the recruitment agency needs to have relevant experience in recruiting international employees.

An agency with good reputation and experience with overseas recruitment is one that is recommended. The law of the country from which the applicant hails is more likely to be known to a recruitment agency with experience. This will increase the speed of visa issuance after they are empowered with this knowledge. To do so, they must have knowledge of the visa and immigration protocols of both countries. Recruiting agencies for overseas employment should highlight this as a key feature.

Check References

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Make sure to thoroughly investigate the recruitment agency you intend to hire. To verify its reputation, ask for references and case studies from clients. It would be best if they provided these promptly. Furthermore, the testimonials should be checked for their legitimacy by conducting a background check.

Many shady recruitment agencies provide the client names that sound foreign. Be insistent about asking a client in your home country or in a country similar to yours for a reference. It’s thus possible to verify the legitimacy of the business entity.

Sometimes a recruitment agency may pass on the name of a relative or friend as a client or business reference. You will be impressed by their polite, efficient and article manners. They are likely not businesses, though. You could easily find out if this is true by using Google Maps. Most likely, they will be listed on Google maps or another business directory if they are a listed company.

Company Brand

Websites are a reflection of an organization’s level of professionalism. As a public face for the company, this platform serves as a tool for interaction. Participating on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the like is a clear indication that they are keeping up with the times.


Getting information about a potential recruitment agency would be best done via its website. Newspapers, magazines, and word of mouth are other ways to check their reputations. Your business’s public image will be revealed by this. Consider checking out their website to determine whether they are well-informed, articulate, and influential with a strong industry reputation.

Your industry is well known and you have a brand name. Business practices and, especially, human resources practices determine your reputation. If you care about your reputation, you will always take care of it. Some recruiters overcharge applicants for international jobs. Consequently, your reputation will suffer. If any charges are made to applicants, they should be made public.

It could end up costing the applicant what is claimed to be free. Therefore, it can damage your brand identity, as people may assume that it is the agency that is charging them instead.


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Good, helpful and honest advice is provided by a reputable recruiter who is foresighted. An international recruiter who has previous experience should be able to provide you with the relevant information you need to know, plan what to expect, and assist you in making the right decision. To source skilled employees from different countries, you will need a recruitment agency with global presence and/or connected to industry partners.

In addition, the recruiter will develop options in the client’s best interest based on his or her work experience. An initial consultation would last at least 30-40 minutes, during which he/she would discuss your requirements thoroughly and follow up with further questions as and when needed.


Fast response times on email and phone are signs that a recruiter takes their career seriously. It could be answering telephone calls in a polite and professional manner, adhering to email etiquette, giving regular updates on websites, etc. It would be beneficial for you to have your questions answered quickly in order for the entire process to be as smooth as possible. Choosing a recruitment agency based on turnaround time is important.


The business conduct of recruitment agency consultants reflects the company’s image and principles. The performance of consultants should be evaluated in all aspects. In addition to acting with professionalism at all times and knowing their clients and industry well, recruitment consultants should also be able to listen and offer advice accordingly. A vital aspect of hiring a new CEO is ensuring that they can represent your company’s values and, therefore, attract the appropriate skills.

Combining these key characteristics will help you to select a recruitment agency that will provide you with efficient professional service while developing a lasting relationship with them.

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