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Why Men Are Becoming Increasingly Conscious About Their Appearances

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Being conscious about appearance is traditionally associated with women and young adults. However, this trait is beginning to expand into older age groups and men. Today, men are becoming more inclined to invest in skincare and beauty products, even cosmetic treatments to impress their peers and also feel more comfortable in their skin.

This past year has seen many of us spending a significant amount of time on video calls. Whether it was for work meetings or seeing friends and family, this increase of time spent on video calls has been a cause for many men considering cosmetic procedures. This is to ensure that they are “Zoom-ready”, a term popularised during the unprecedented times of the past year. Zoom-ready means individuals wanting to look presentable in time for their Zoom call for work or even for friends. Seeing themselves on their monitor, many men have compared how they look to their colleagues. Qualities they notice is if they have wrinkles or fine lines, how their teeth look and even the way their hair is. After restrictions were lifted and beauty and cosmetic treatments could go ahead, many clinics reported a rise in the number of inquiries from men about the procedures they offer.

However, the increase in interest for cosmetic treatments by men and they’re being conscious about their appearance has been growing before the pandemic. One of the primary reasons has been the rise in social media. Social media has had a significant impact on women’s beauty standards and it has also impacted men’s. Men compare themselves to what they see online and on social media, which impacts how they feel about their own appearance.

Impact Of Appearance

Throughout the years, there have been numerous social science studies that have shown how a person’s physical appearance can have an impact on their life experiences and opportunities. For example, first impressions can set a foundation for how someone perceives another person. Whilst some say not to judge a book by its cover, we do form an idea of how a person is from the first time we meet them. Appearance does more than influence how we are seen by others, it also impacts how we see ourselves.

  • Confidence – Those with low self-esteem often lack confidence. Part of the reason is they doubt their value and their abilities, making it difficult for them to socialise or try new things.
  • Self-Esteem – Body image can directly affect self-esteem, both for better and for worse. Body image is the way a person sees. As such, if a man has negative thoughts and feelings about how they look, that is what they perceive others notice about them too. In addition to body image, men also suffer from insecurities about their appearance, including their hair, height and physical strength and ‘masculine attributes’.
  • Influence Careers – People like to work with or do business with those who look professional. When we see someone who is dressed like a professional, it creates a sense of ease and a level of trust. It can be challenging for someone to take a potential business partner or supplier seriously if they have made zero or little effort with their appearance. When a person looks presentable, whether it be what they were wearing or the colour and straightness of their teeth, it can create a level of trust between them and the potential client.

Areas Of Change And Treatment Being Considered

As more men look to present the best version of themselves, in terms of their appearance, many look for areas to change or what treatment to consider investing in. Many will take to the gym to increase their fitness levels and increase their muscle mass. This will help to change their physical appearance, depending on what workout routines they do. For others, they might look at more cosmetic changes to make. Hair, looks and teeth are the three of the main areas, aside from physical fitness, that many will look to change. Here are the reasons why and the treatments that are often considered.

Full Head Of Hair

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Understandably, this past year has been a stressful time. With long-term stress, there are a few ways it can impact a person’s health. One is affecting their mental health and another is hair loss, which further impacts their mental wellbeing. For most men, they will experience hair loss at some point in their life. From a receding hairline to a thinning crown, any form of hair loss can impact their confidence and self-esteem.

There are different types of hair loss that men, and women too, experience in their lifetime. Most hair loss conditions are often hereditary, whilst some are influenced by an individual’s lifestyle, for instance, if they are stressed.

With each type of hair loss, there is a different treatment available that can help to reverse the signs of hair loss or help hair to grow back. A quick search for something like hair loss medication Canada highlights how obvious it is that there are many people looking for hair loss treatments to help with hair loss. It can be overwhelming to understand the types of hair loss and the treatments available for each one. Thankfully, there are guides available that go into great depth about each type of hair loss, as well as what treatments are available.

One of the most common types of treatment for hair loss is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) treatment. It is a modern hair transplant treatment that is frequently as it is less invasive and the precision helps to achieve the desired results. The outcome of the procedure is noticeable. Both visually by the patient or others, but also the increase in confidence and self-esteem the person who had the treatment has afterwards.

Youthful Looks

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The cosmetic and grooming market for men features a variety of sub-categories. Whilst it used to be men only interested in their beards and hairstyle, today there is an ever-rising number of men using fragrances, skin and body care products. In the space of a few years, the market value for men’s grooming products increased. Within this unique industry, there are numerous growing markets that many businesses are beginning to invest in.

Part of the reason for this rise is due to the extensive information online and on social media around skincare for men. The male beauty trend has been accelerated due to the high exposure on social media and through celebrity influencers. More men are becoming interested in preventing the signs of ageing and so are investing in skincare products to help maintain youthful looks as they get older.

Skincare products and taking care of their skin is only one of the steps men are taking to achieve that youthful look. Cosmetic treatments, such as Botox, are also a highly considered option for men looking to alter their appearance. What was once a taboo subject, is now a highly praised procedure that many men and women have openly admitted to having undergone Botox treatment.

Like the rise in social media influences, video calls have also impacted the total of men seeking Botox treatment. The vast amount of time on video calls led to many men noticing their wrinkles and fine lines, which caused an increase in the total of men considering treatment.

Botox is a quick treatment that temporarily freezes facial muscles, ensuring that any movement is minimized.

Perfect Smile

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There has been a rapid rise in the total of adults across the seeking orthodontic treatment. There are currently more than four million people across both Canada and the US undergoing orthodontic treatment from an orthodontic specialist.

The reason as to why there has been a surge in people trying to achieve the perfect smile varies between each individual. One of the most popular reasons is due to the constant exposure of gleaming white pearly smiles they see across their social media and also on television, especially on reality shows. For others, the reason for seeking professional treatment for their teeth is due to cosmetic surgeries becoming more socially acceptable.

There is a small percentage who have considered having braces to straighten their teeth or having them professionally whitened due to the pandemic. The pandemic has affected how people see themselves. The many hours people have spent on video work calls this past year has meant many have seen themselves in a new way. They compare their appearance, such as the straightness or colour of their teeth, with their colleagues.

With more men becoming increasingly conscious about their appearances, it is slowly removing the stigma around men taking care of themselves. In the past, gender stereotypes have hindered men from being open around the topic of wanting to look after their appearance. However, research shows that taking care of your appearance impacts more than just vanity. Confidence and self-esteem are also greatly linked to appearance. Looking their best and feeling their best can provide someone with a better quality of life mentally.

If some want to undergo treatments or invest in products for confidence reasons or vanity, there are no issues with either. The benefit from this openness around appearance is that men are feeling more comfortable and confident talking about wanting to take care of themselves.

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