Will CBD Edibles Become The Future Of Cannabidiol Consumption?


There is little doubt that the CBD edibles market is growing rapidly. Research from Cogent Infotech in 2019 suggested that the CBD edibles industry would be worth over $20 billion by the end of 2022!

The brand used social listening technology to gain an understanding of what CBD consumers want. At the time, ‘drinks’ received by far the highest number of social media mentions in the ‘CBD snack’ category. Bars, gummies, and syrup followed it.

Although Cogent’s prediction is unlikely to come to fruition, it is correct in its assertion that the market is on a steep rise. Products such as CBD sleep drink, which were unheard of just a few years ago, are now widely available.

How Far Can the CBD Edibles Industry Go?

The sky’s the limit as far as edible CBD goes. The signs have pointed to CBD edibles eventually taking a dominant market share in the future. CBD oil was by far the most used product in the niche for a long time. It still has the #1 position but is unlikely to hold on for much longer.

The fact that it was the only CBD product many people could buy is the main reason why it has retained its popularity. Realistically, CBD edibles are a tastier and more convenient form of consumption.

Using a CBD oil product involves placing drops beneath your tongue and holding them there for at least 60 seconds. This process ensures the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream sublingually. There is also the issue of taste. Unflavored CBD oil has a bitter taste that isn’t appealing to everyone. Yes, there are flavored oils, but some users also don’t like the texture of oil.

With CBD edibles, you get to consume the cannabinoid quickly and easily. Products like CBD gummies and chocolate also taste great.

As early as 2018, CBD gummies were the third most searched food item on Google! The only search terms that beat it were ‘unicorn cake’ and ‘romaine lettuce.’ Some market experts claimed that the sale of gummies grew 10-fold in just 12 months.

Not only has the popularity of CBD edibles endured, but it has actually increased. Leading brands, such as PureKana, are finding new and innovative ways of expanding their product line.

An Incredible Range of CBD Edibles

If the only edible CBD product you could purchase were CBD gummies, the sub-niche’s growth would quickly plateau. Fortunately, the opposite of stagnation has occurred with a dizzying variety of options.

Apart from gummies, there is an enormous variety of sweet and savory treats. CBD drinks also fall under the ‘edible’ umbrella and include soda, coffee, tea, and even cocktails!

There are many different reasons to consume CBD edibles. The cannabinoid has a biphasic effect. This means it is versatile enough for use at any time of the day, as long as you change the dose. For instance, you might find that a small amount of CBD boosts your energy. However, increase the dose significantly, and you may feel sleepy.

A study published in Neuropsychopharmacology in 2012 looked at the biphasic effects of cannabinoids in anxiety responses. In tests on mice, the research team found that CB1 receptor activation was required for developing anti-anxiety effects after a high dose. However, when lower doses of CBD were used, the CB1 receptor-mediated anti-anxiety effects.

How Can CBD Edibles Help Me?

Given the cannabinoid’s biphasic effect, the answer depends entirely on your needs. For instance, you could use a larger amount of CBD to see if it can help improve your sleep cycle. CBD edibles products on the market also include valerian root and passionfruit extracts, or melatonin, to help users get to sleep.

Athletes have begun using edible CBD to help them recover. The cannabinoid is popular amongst endurance and strength athletes alike. There is even evidence that a growing number of professional sportspeople use it.

In general, we need further research into CBD to understand more about its benefits. However, it is already a multi-billion-dollar market with seemingly unstoppable momentum. CBD edibles are likely to become the #1 form of the cannabinoid sooner rather than later.

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