Women In The Online Gaming Industry

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Women continue to fight for equality with men in all aspects of life, and online gambling is no exception. Throughout history, the games seemed to be a territory dominated, purely and exclusively, by men.

With the arrival of online games and the possibility of enjoying an online casino, such as JackpotCity, which offers a great diversity of fun, and has employed the latest SSL. Secure Sockets Layer encryption technology to ensure that all player details are kept safe and secure at all times.

The role of women was increasingly prevalent and, today, women have a place in this industry.The participation of women has also moved to the traditional sphere, but the online modality prevails. How has the history of women in the game been until today?

Why do women choose online gambling?

In an environment dominated by men, it is difficult to break with classic stereotypes and, but women start to be important in the industry of games and explicitly participating in online gambling.

The security, comfort and privacy offered by online modality are the main reason why women choose to participate in this industry.

However, this does not mean that there is no female presence in live casinos, but that most choose the online mode to have fun and gamble.

Little by little, women appear on the scene of all games, and there are even women who already have world titles as professional poker players. The presence of women in the online gaming industry begins to consolidate.

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What about traditional casinos?

Until a few years ago, it was not common to see many women in traditional casinos.

As a result of the online modality, women were encouraged to bet, although in live casinos.

This coincides with women’s liberation and the struggle that all women occupy the same place as men. However, it is not an easy task to occupy the same place since, to this day, macho thoughts continue to prevail that make many women feel oppressed and do not participate in activities dominated by men.

In the future, it is expected that this trend will change and both men and women can enjoy any form of entertainment without prejudice.

In a world dominated by men, women must make a place for themselves in every area of ​​life, including entertainment.

The privacy and comfort of online casinos and virtual gaming houses have made women feel free to play without prejudice or concerns. This brought it even closer to traditional casinos. Where there are already important figures and women are taking the place they deserve.

Important women in online gaming

Nicole Lazzaro

Almost three decades have passed since Nicole Lazzaro founded XEODesign and XEOPlay. This psychologist knows the design of the player experience very closely. XEODesign helps others create games, while XEOPlay takes care of developing social games that improve quality of life through play

Holly Liu

The lead designer on one of her greatest hits, Kingdoms of Camelot, which grossed more than $ 250 million in just four years.

Tina Amini

This New Yorker has been creating video game content since 2009 for prestigious platforms. Currently, she is the leader of game editing in a prestigious company.

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