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Inspirational Women Promoting Body Confidence Online


There are many inspirational women in the world, from Canada’s first female astronaut, Roberta Bondar, to Beyoncé, more and more women are breaking traditional gender stereotypes in their professional and personal lives. Thanks to the rise of social media and accessible blogging and web hosting packages such as these options, inspirational women are also able to share their body positive message with a worldwide audience. Some have gained tens of thousands of followers by proving that a woman does not have to be super skinny to be beautiful. Here are some of our favorite inspirational women who are gaining recognition for promoting body confidence via online platforms.

Big Gal Yoga

Big Gal Yoga has been gaining a lot of recognition on Instagram of late, showing photos of fuller figured women mastering advanced yoga poses against a backdrop of amazing scenery. The founder of Big Gal Yoga, Valerie, began practicing yoga at university and has gained significant support for her yoga practice through her Instagram account and website. Thanks to this strong following, she was able to raise $4000 to fund a yoga teaching training course – such is the power of social media and online marketing!

Swimsuits for All

In a similar vein to Big Gal Yoga, the Instagram account of Swimsuits for All promotes swimwear for curvy women. The beauty of this account is that it challenges traditional representations of swimsuit models in mainstream fashion who are normally super skinny, young women, clad in skimpy bikinis. On this site you will see voluptuous women looking beautiful and proud in elegant swimsuits that flatter, and compliment a fuller frame. Swimsuits for All are also in partnership with the highly regarded model Ashley Graham – a talisman for plus size fashion. It is refreshing to see a space being carved out of the fashion scene for women who don’t fit into a size zero.

Project Heal

An online project that is truly devoted to making a positive difference to the way in which female bodies are represented in mainstream media, is Project Heal. The aim of the site is to raise money for treatments that will help those who suffer from eating disorders to overcome their illnesses and live healthy lives. The majority of funds raised for treatments comes from support gained from online promotion and marketing tactics that utilize blogging and social media channels, once again proving that online platforms can be used as tools to make a difference to vital social issues. This nonprofit organization has gained 16k followers on Instagram proving the popularity of organizations that aim to raise awareness for those who suffer from eating disorders.

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