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Women That Broke Through The Male-Dominated World Of Gaming

The male population has been dominating their female counterparts since history writing. The world has been male-dominated in several fields. In the world of sports, many of the events physically fit the strengths of a man. However, there has been a surge of women proving the traditional way of thinking. There has been an increasing number of female accolades with the likes of Serena Williams in Tennis and Marta Vieira da Silva in football. Women are not only dominating these fields but they are also taking authority positions that decide on the future of a variety of sports and gaming. Some are highly esteemed game developers.

Pioneer Women Gamers

Poker Alice Ivers Duffield Tubbs Huckert

When you think of gaming, many would not be picturing their fellow lady counterpart as a participant let alone a dominant force. Esports and gaming burst into the scene in the millennial era. It has accommodated the physical aspects of gaming and sports for women. There has been great progress on digital technologies to facilitate the gaming industry to take up more interest from women. These include video streaming and mobile gaming platforms. The Esports and gaming industry continues to appeal to several women. Many of them have already made their breakthrough.

There have been a number of reputable women players in the gaming industry. The highly respected, Alice Huckert was popularly known as Poker Alice was amongst the first women players.

She would definitely have benefitted from a no deposit bonus at She was known to be a fierce competitor. It extended to other aspects of the gaming industry. Lottie Deno was also another successful gambler and earned the title Poker Queen due to her skills. A memorable moment is when she beat Doc Holiday in a Five Card Stud.

Recent Esports and Gaming by Women

Aside from Casino gaming, the gaming industry has grown to be amongst the most lucrative industries in the world. It has been most popular on the Youtube platform. There is a shift from the typical Youtube gamer to the female Youtube gamer. Some of these female Youtubers that have a major influence in gaming include:-


SSSNIPERWOLF women in world of gaming

Lia Wolf goes by the name SSNIPERWOLF on Youtube is one of the most popular YouTubers in the market. She is amongst the highest-paid Youtubers with a net worth of over $6 million. Her gaming expertise is believed to begin when her father bought a PlayStation 1 console for herself and her brother. She derived the username SSSNIPERWOLF from a favourite character in the game Metal Gear Solid. The name is from the villain Sniper Wolf with Lia claiming that the extra letters do not have any meaning to it. Once she joined Youtube in 2013, she started posting ‘let’s play’ and game reviews for her viewers. She has gone on to establish her prowess in the following games:-

  • Fortnite
  • Far Cry
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Destiny
  • Halo
  • The Division
  • Overwatch
  • Battle Royal
  • Call of Duty
  • Among us

From the list, it is clear that she is a big fan of the first shooter games. In these games, it led her to stardom. It allowed her to participate in celebrity games. She has grown into having reaction videos of the games such as:-

  • Mario
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Bulma
  • DC’s Poison Ivy

Her growth in the gaming industry has seen Lia make great strides by working with reputable brands. Some of the collaborations of with brands include:-

  • Ubisoft
  • Disney
  • EA
  • Activision

It has led her to be a dominant force having great influence in the gaming industry. She has frequent uploads to keep her fans tuned.


ldshadowlady gamer

Lizzie who is popularly known by her game name LDShadowLady is a female gamer who has strived in the game Minecraft single-player series. It includes ShadowCraft and plays with her husband. The Minecrad=ft series is what she narrows down her popularity to and has started games such as the SIMS 4. She grew in popularity and formed the group Pixel Pact with other gamers. Her gaming name is from her username tag in XBOX. She has participated in Call of Duty and made commentary in various games. By June 2021, she had over 6 million subscribers to her channel and earns over billions of views in her channel.


There have been several developments in the gaming industry. The inclusion of online gaming in casinos and esports has seen more diversity of players in the game. Women have uptaken dominant authoritative roles in the gaming industry as players or decision-makers. It has seen the emergence of female Youtubers and casino game players who engage in the various table and slot games. It is no longer a surprise to have women dominating the industry. It is highly encouraged to enable inclusivity of both men and women in the gaming industry.

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