Are Your Sleep Habits Hurting Your Grades?

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Is going to bed early better for your grades than staying up late to study? It could be.

You could very easily be working yourself too hard. The damage you’re doing to your body and your mind might be making it difficult for your brain to process and retain information.

There is a lot of data that proves students who sleep more get better grades. So, if your parents ask you what they can do to help your grades, you might want to show them how to buy a mattress online to boost your GPA. And here’s why.

You’re Not Productive

You know when you’re exhausted and up late studying and message your friends, “The struggle is real.” Well, the struggle is a lot more real than you know. You’re struggling to be productive because your brain is telling you it needs to rest and reset.

There will be times where you need to do the math, even though math hurts your brain at this point. You’re slogging along now to write this stupid essay. You figure it will take you another 2-3 hours to complete at this point. Would it make more sense to use that extra 2-3 hours to rest and wake up earlier in the morning to use a fresh brain to write this in 1 hour?

It’s the textbook example of working hard versus working smart.


You’re Not Really Learning When You’re Tired

When you reach a certain level of fatigue, we don’t have to tell you that you’re not so much trying to absorb information as you are trying to hammer it into your brain whether it wants to go there or not.

That’s because a tired brain has trouble processing and storing new information. That’s why you’re finding that you need to read some paragraphs 2-3 times to understand them when you’re tired.

You’re Not Creative

You’re brain needs sleep to be on its A-Game. That’s why you have trouble coming up with new and creative ideas when you’re tired.

Like any other part of your brain, your creativity centre needs rest to recover and be at it’s best. There are some theories out there that a lack of sleep can lead to more divergent and creative thinking. Maybe because you’re no longer shackled by inhibitions and allow your mind to wander to places it doesn’t normally go.

It’s an interesting theory, but far from a proven universal truth. You can try this method if you like. However, be warned that you could just as easily stay up later and come up with a whole bunch of weird ideas that you actually hate the next day. Now, you’re tired and don’t have the faculties to come up with something better.

So, instead of planning to stay up late to study, you might want to focus on planning on getting to bed at a good hour. It goes way beyond simply feeling too tired or lethargic to crush it. You could actually be robbing yourself of the energy, focus and creativity you need to truly excel in your studies.

Take your sleep habits seriously and your grades will thank you.

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