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A 4-Star Chat With Young “Eclipse” Actors

We sat down with four stars from ‘Eclipse’ for an insider’s look at life behind the scenes of the hottest teen movie of the season.

Eclipse Wolf Pack

Jodelle Ferland


Fifteen-year-old Jodelle Ferland from Nelson, B.C. may be young, but she’s no stranger to the silver screen. Starring with Renée Zellweger in Case 39, as well as in many other feature-length and short films, her career has been steadily ascending with a series of accomplishments. Still, as a huge fan of the Stephenie Meyer series, she was enthralled when she heard that she scored the role of Bree Tanner—a brand new vampire.

She tells Faze, “When I first found out that I got the role, I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about it. I had to celebrate by myself, and with my mom. I basically just jumped around my house for a half an hour!”

One of her favourite parts about playing a vampire? “The red eyes! I loved the contacts!”

Chaske Spencer


Chaske Spencer joined the Twilight saga cast for the second of the series, New Moon, playing Sam, the alpha-wolf in the pack, and will continue that role in Eclipse. Born into the Lakota Sioux tribe, he once dreamed of being a photographer. A few acting classes later, he ended up being followed by the camera instead!

He tells Faze the hints that helped him achieve his Twilight success are perseverance, education, and ‘know thyself.’”

As for the toughest thing about his undeniably cool job? “Your anonymity is taken away,” he admits to Faze, saying, “It’s an amazing journey. Sometimes it can be very surreal. It’s a ride. And like, all rides, I like it sometimes, and right now, I’m enjoying it!”

Booboo Stewart


The prospect of playing Seth Clearwater in Eclipse came as an exciting surprise for Booboo Stewart. The young actor was told that he was just perfect for the part—but had to brush up on his reading before the audition. That said, he really relates to the character.

Booboo tells Faze, “He’s a very real, down-to-earth person who just wants everyone to get along.” Despite the challenge of keeping grounded in the midst of the Twilight craze, Booboo maintains that the best part of being able to be part of the series is the fans.

He tells us, “The fans are just so awesome and so loyal. It’s incredible!” And what’s so great about Eclipse, compared to the other films in the series? “More action, which is awesome, especially for guys.” Another reason to drag your date out to see it—with something for everyone, they’ll definitely enjoy it!

Tyson Houseman


Another member of the wolf pack, Tyson Houseman plays Quil Ateara in the upcoming Twilight release, Eclipse. Adding to the count of Canadians on the set, Houseman was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and is a descendent of the Cree Nation. On getting into the werewolf mentality, Houseman studied the original Wolf Man film, as well as a picture of the wolf-version of his character. “They showed me a picture of what my wolf would look like and it actually really helped to see that. Then I had an idea of this thing that’s inside me. It’s like a secret… It can pop out of me at any second.”

And his favourite part of being involved in Twilight? “Just hanging out with the other wolfpack guys on set! It’s always a high-energy, really fun time!”

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