Britt Black Is Flying Solo Now

 Britt Black

Four years ago, Britt Black was playing lead guitar in the all-girl pop-punk band LiveonRelease and riding the success of their catchy teen hit “I’m Afraid of Britney Spears.” But now, not only is Britt all grown up but she’s shed her pop-rocker chick image for an edgier, more mature and true-to-herself look and sound. She’s also shed her fellow bandmates.

“Back then we were children. We were just a pack of kids travelling around and getting into trouble and playing shows. I came into my own as it went along and I like it better now that I’m solo. It’s kinda like I’m the boss and I get to call the shots.”

Britt says it was tough and scary to leave LiveonRelease, but she knew she wanted to do things her way. Packed with skills (she’s been playing guitar since she was 10!), passion and determination, she knew deep down it was the right choice and is much happier now.

She learned that you gotta be true to yourself and listen to the ‘rents. “Hang in there. Just listen to your parents, they know what’s best. Blood is thicker than water and your family is always there for you. But do what you want, too. Don’t be unhappy. If you like music, go try and do music. Whatever you want to do, do it.”

Britt still doesn’t know how her life will turn out in five years, but at least she knows she’ll never be afraid of Britney Spears again. “In five years, I will be a lot different than how I am now. I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on.”

Britt Black

Written by Faze teen, Linda Nguyen

Photo courtesy of Her Royal Majesty’s Records

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