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Dream Date Ideas, If Money Is No Object

dream dates paris shangri-la

Imagine the possibilities if, anytime you wanted, you could just pack a bag, jump on a private jet and fly anywhere in the world. And better yet, take along a special someone for a last-minute romantic getaway.

Obviously, depending on where you live, the flight to get there may mean you may need to book off two or three days, but when you’re this rich you’ll probably have no trouble getting a little extra time off work, because you’re the boss!

Here are some inspirations, based on places our team know and love, and really wish they could visit again!


We have to start in Paris, the iconic city of love, and still regularly voted the top place in the world to propose marriage, mostly thanks to the magical and timeless powers of the Eiffel Tower. Fly in and hop into a limo, with an icy bottle of ridiculously expensive champagne, and some appropriate Parisienne music, and have your driver take you on a tour around to the city’s most famous landmarks. It’s a great way to soak in the history, architecture and power of this incredible city and make sure you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore.

For dinner it’s your choice of several Michelin star restaurants. and then off to enjoy a little nightlife (again, so many options, for all tastes) and then back to your luxury suite. Go for a top hotel with a stunning closeup view of the Eiffel Tower, we’d recommend the Paris Shangri-La. Enjoy a lazy full breakfast spread on your balcony and you’ve just wrapped up the perfect romantic experience. Why not stay an extra day and do it all over again!

dream dates paris shangri-la


Morocco is a special place. Richly exotic, it takes you into an otherworldly dimension where all your senses are assaulted, in a good, invigorating way. Lots of great regions and towns to visit (we also love Essaouira) but Marrakesh has been offering the quintessential Moroccan experience for decades and has a great selection of places to stay and eat for the luxury traveler.

Lots to do while to work up an appetite. Walk around the souks (markets) off of Marrakesh’s main square, Djemma El Fna as you’re thrown back in time, watch for traditional musical troupes, whirling dancers and cobra snake charmers. Maybe a sunset camel ride outside of town. Enjoy authentic Moroccan meals in one of several high-end restaurants, with a cuisine as fragrant and mesmerizing as any in the world. And don’t forget to make Moroccan mint tea part of your ritual, it brings you right into the local culture.

There are several top hotels in Marrakesh that you’ll love, but the best rooms at La Mamounia and the Four Seasons are guaranteed to please. Another luxury option to consider is Kasbah Tamadot, Richard Branson’s luxury resort about 25km south of town, nestled at base of the Atlas mountains.

Kasbah Tamadot Morocco


A loving couple sitting in lone gondola being poled by an appropriately attired gondolier down a Venetian canal.  Yes, it’s perhaps the most used of clichés for a romantic travel experience, but most clichés and stereotypes are rooted in truth. It’s pretty special, although admittedly you may want to visit Venice when the tourist hordes are lighter,  so avoid May to September. Although if money truly is not object, perhaps you could rent ALL the gondolas and water taxis and leave them empty for an hour while you and your date monopolize the waterways for the sunset.

Enjoy your time on the canals, take along some fine Italian wine and cheeses for the trip, and soak in the scenery with your honey. Treat yourself to lunch and dinner at one of Venice’s many incredible restaurants, showcasing Italian cuisine at its best, and perfectly pair every course with a new wine. Consider staying at the Residenza F suite at Bauer Villa F boutique appartments, the views are incredible, and it’s top in town for discreet and exclusive.

dream dates gondola venice


The south of France is one of the most beautiful places in Europe to visit, with so many towns with names that shout wealth, celebrities, yachts and fine Mediterranean living. Think of Cannes, St. Tropez, Nice, Antibes, Menton and most luxurious of all, Monaco. This is the epicentre of fine living, and by virtue of its tax-free status attracts many of the world’s most famous celebrities as citizen-residents. But it’s also an incredibly romantic place to spend a night or two, hosting some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Europe.

Fly into Nice Cote d’Azur Airport and take a short helicopter along the coast directly to Monaco, and check into the Hôtel de Paris, it’s been in lists of top global hotels for decades, and it hasn’t lost any of its grace or charm. Plan at least one meal in the hotel’s 3-Michelin-starred restaurant, which is complement by the world’s largest wine cellar. Two James Bond movies have been film here and that movie franchise definitely should be the vibe for this entire romantic getaway.

chateau eza dream dates

Get dressed up in your glamourous best, rent a ridiculously exotic supercar, and drive up into the hills for your evening meal in Èze, a remarkable little village perched up on a rocky peak. Two world-class restaurants are waiting here, the Chateau Eza and the Chevre D’or, but we prefer the Chateau Eza for its unmatched outdoor seating with stunning sunset views overlooking the Mediterranean coast. Romantic like crazy.

After dinner drive the winding roads back down into Monte-Carlo and continue your Bond experience by strutting into the Casino de Monte-Carlo (also featured in two Bond films) and grabbing a fancy cocktail and hitting the tables. It’s a great place to roleplay a bit, have fun flirting with each other, draw a little attention from your fellow patrons as you try your hand at blackjack or some of the classic French games such as Baccarat and Trente et Quarante.  To make the most of it you may consider learning the rules of the different games and practicing online a bit at Betway.

Monte Carlo

Necker Island

Who doesn’t love pine for life on a tropical island every once in a while to get away from the bustle of modern life. We couldn’t help but think of Necker Island in the Caribbean’s British Virgin Islands for this list of romantic getaways. Yes, and while this is the second Branson property we’re recommending we’re not being paid to do it, although we’ve met Richard Branson several times and think he’s a fine fellow. A fine fellow who owns one of the most beautiful island retreats in the world, one that fortunately you and your loved ones can visit.

You get to Necker Island by flying into one of a few nearby larger islands’ airport and then taking a boat or helicopter the rest of the way. Enjoy the views of the sea and countless islands, life is about really slow down. For this no-limits couples retreat, why don’t you rent the whole island for yourself (yes, you can do that, although the island sleeps up to 30 guests). Take advantage of an amazing staff  and spend the day relaxing (pools, beaches, spa) or playing (tennis courts, water sports, boats). Have romantic meals in idyllic tropical settings that will satisfy both your stomachs and your souls.

necker island

This is just a start to a bucket list you should start adding to and then working towards experiencing. The truth is all that the core essentials of these experiences are available to those of us on modest budgets as well. We know as we’ve somehow managed to visit and experience almost all these places to a degree that left us satisfied and packed with memories for a lifetime. Start planning some dream dates of your own, they can even be in your own town, as the process of dreaming itself is empowering and motivating. Particularly if you share it with a partner, it can strengthen your relationship and shared sense of fun and adventure.


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