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Fun Ideas For A Classy Girls’ Night (Or Day) Out On The Town

It’s been a long week and you really need to live a little, laugh a lot and spend some quality time with your best gal pals. It’s time to hit the town and forget the worries of your job, relationship or lack thereof and really be you for a while. Instead of a regular girls’ night out to a restaurant, bar or a club, every once in a while you deserve to treat yourself to something a little fancier. If you were a celebrity (and you are!) what would you do to have a little fun? Here are some great ideas to take girl’s night out (GNO!) up a few notches to the realm of classy!

Attend Fashion Week, or at least a show

The runway, the lights, the music, and the cutting edge fashion! While Milan or Paris may be out of the budget this year, there are a surprising number of smaller fashion weeks, and even individual shows happening around the world, including your part of the world. It may mean an overnight trip to your closest big city, but there is a certain thrill to being a part of the excitement of a fashion show experience. Even better if it’s a full fashion week going on, as the red carpet buzz, on-site activities (and bar lounge scene) and people-watching go up several degrees.

Have fun with fashion yourself at these events, but don’t take yourself too seriously, these are great places to laugh and meet lots of interesting (often eclectic) and friendly people, while sipping on a glass of pinot grigio or prosecco. Keep your ear open for after-parties, official or not, and go with the flow. Pair it with pre- or post-dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant and you’ll have a girl’s night out right out of Carrie Bradshaw’s world.

girl's night out - fashion show

Do a wine tasting experience

Assuming you enjoy wine enough to want to spend a hour or so sipping and learning about it, this is a really special experience. It forces you to focus on your sense of smell and taste in a unique, almost meditative way. It’s classy, it’s fun and it will actually make your everyday wine sipping experiences from that point on a little more special. And if you want to take it to the next level, opt for a tasting experience that includes a partial or full meal so you can experience the food pairing aspect of wine.

wine tasting food pairing girls' night out

Pretend you’re in Monaco

Like the fashion show experience, you may not have the time to fly to a world-famous casino destination, but most cities or regions have a casino these days (for a little extra government revenue). Pick the classiest one you can find, because this is as much about people-watching as it is about playing. Don’t just play the “one-armed bandits” but take the girls and sit down at one of the tables. Even better, try a game you’ve never played, like Baccarat, or Craps, often the casinos will give you some instruction and coaching on the games if you tell them you’re new to it and want to learn. You can even practice ahead of time, visiting one of many US and Canadian online slots or table game sites out there.

In many establishment you’ll be served complimentary drinks if you’re playing at the tables (hmm, I wonder why?).  To be smart, play the smallest amounts possible, particularly as you’re learning, take your time, set a budget of how much you’re willing to lose, and stick to it. Mostly, win or lose, have fun with your friends, and imagine you’re in a James Bond movie.

Monte Carlo

Ah, a day at the spa

This seems obvious, but it really can be surprisingly fun, relaxing, uplifting and a great way to bond with your buds at the spa. Pick a nice spot, and book yourself in for the full experience. Look for spas that have some decent opportunities for group experiences, like a water spa, or group massage rooms (often limited to couple rooms). Enjoy the aromatherapy, herbal teas, zen music and then take your rejuvenated selves off to some nice little French bistro. Your group will simply glow with youth, fun and vitality that will attract lots of good attention!

spa facial

We’re on a boat

While it requires a body of water (or a very strong collective imagination) getting out on a boat, whether a yacht or motor cruiser is a special experience. Obviously watch the weather, and pick either a captain, tour operator,  or better yet a friend with a big boat and get out there. Plan some appropriate music, bring along some classy snacks, some wine (rosé pairs well with with the yachting life) and enjoy a few hours living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. If you’re hiring the boat and the captain, bringing along a few extra friends can bring the average price down.

boat girls

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