Immersive Van Gogh Experience Exhibit In Vancouver

Van Gogh

There is nothing more immersive than viewing a 20,000 square foot artwork of the renowned Dutch post-impressionist painter Van Gogh. During his time, Vincent Van Gogh created roughly 2100 artworks that displayed beauty, colour, and emotion, with some like The Starry Night gaining enormous popularity worldwide.

The Impact Of Van Gogh’s Artwork In The Modern World

Van Gogh is currently considered one of the best painters of his tenor, and his impact can be noticed across many industries. Fashion houses such as YSL and Viktor and Rolf were inspired by his works to create their famous collections.

His influence can be seen in the movie industry too, with movies such as Loving Vincent and At Eternity’s Gate. He has left its traces in iGaming as well, as there is an online slot titled Van Gogh that can be found on many online gambling brands such as 7Bit Casino.

Van Gogh’s Fame

Van Gogh was a majestic painter with a steady hand and a powerful memory. These traits enabled him to paint million-dollar artworks from memory while maintaining the original image.

He is also the artist behind the Café Terrace at Night, an oil painting completed in 1988. Despite having many inspirations, the main influence of Van Gogh was Paul Gauguin, a widely known painter who used primitivism and impressionism styles to create his artworks.

Van Gogh

During his time, Van Gogh was a genius painter but not a renowned artist. Only one Van Gogh painting named The Red Vineyard got sold while he was alive. Unfortunately, Van Gogh did not live to see his paintings become famous.

That is because his popularity grew hugely in 1901, more than ten years after his death. What led to the artist’s worldwide recognition was the exhibition of 71 of his exquisite artworks at a fair in Paris. After the display, his gift got revealed to the world on a much larger scale. Thanks to the show, some of his artworks currently cost millions of dollars while others hang grandly in Musée d’Orsay, a Paris Museum.

What to Expect During the Vancouver Immersive Van Gogh Experience Exhibition

Crafted by French creatives Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, art enthusiasts can now enjoy the view of Van Gogh’s best artworks in a surreal environment. The immersive Van Gogh experience exhibit in Vancouver is expected to bring Van Gogh’s paintings to life like never before.

The fair comprises large displays of the artist’s paintings which he created from the year 1888 to 1890. During this time, Van Gogh was living in Arles, Auvers-Sur-Oise, and Provence. The immersive concept aims to provide the best multi-sensorial experience of Van Gogh paintings in a timeframe of about an hour.

Van Gogh

The whole venue will be illuminated by crisp, clear, fragmented images of multiple Van Gogh paintings with the music of Saint-Saëns and Mozart, among other artists in the background, to make the show dreamlike. Those attending should look forward to the perfect placement of screens with different shapes and sizes in the room. The concept will be similar to the final fantasy music experience but on a whole new level.

Why You Can’t Afford To Miss The Exhibit

Unlike regular art shows, the immersive Van Gogh experience exhibit in Vancouver aims at providing a refined experience. Canadians can finally have a close interaction with Van Gogh’s artwork and make exemplary findings. The fair will reveal a series of clips and provide reasons why Van Gogh was a creative painter. Apart from clear images, the exhibit aims at ensuring those in attendance get the feel and texture of the paintings.

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