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Things You Should Be Doing At Home While Self-Isolating

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These are indeed extraordinary times. The current coronavirus pandemic seems like something right out of a movie (minus those pesky zombies from most of the films in the genre). Depending on where you live, you’re facing some degree of voluntary or government-mandated quarantine. Whether you live alone or with others, being cooped up day and night can be difficult, stressful, annoying and even boring.

Obviously you’ll have concerns about your career, finances as well as your health and the health of your family and friends. The best way to work through these weeks of self-isolating is to stay positive and make the most of a difficult situation. While it may not be the staycation scenario you dreamed of, there are a lot things you can do to make it productive, relaxing and even fun.

Make a plan

Before getting into things you should be doing while self-isolating, here’s a little word of advice: make a plan. As they say, without a vision you are lost. Without being redundant, planning obviously gives you a sense of purpose, but also brings greater positivity and confidence that can make every day feel special and productive.

There are a ton of planning tips out on the internet, but ideally keep it simple and keep it fun. Make two plans, one for your daily life and another for your finances. Make a plan on how to spend your coming weeks (hopefully not months) under quarantine.

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Get organized

Now is a fabulous opportunity to get into some hard-core spring cleaning. You could be cleaning up your home, bedroom, closet or something virtual like a mountain of photos or files in your computer. Put up some tunes, and tackle anything that needs organizing. Completing little projects will give you a healthy sense of accomplishment and bring a little zen into your life.

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Entertain yourself

There are just so many options to sit back and relax, and these days a lot of extra hours as well. You can choose from countless incredible (and addictive) movies and series on demand from Netflix and Amazon Prime. Just make sure to get up and move between episodes, it’s important to get your blood flowing from time to time.

Gaming can be social, whether multi-playing video games, or even a virtual poker game with friends, where some of the pot can even go to a charity of your choosing. There are also countless sites for online gaming, as well as online casino and sportsbook.

This is also an incredible time for video games, from simple puzzle games to visually stunning cinematic games and even virtual reality experiences. There are a ton of old classics to try (we’re excited to try Last of Us) and brand  new  ones (check out our review of just-released Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch).

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Learn something new

What an amazing time to expand your brain. Dream a bit, have fun with deciding exactly what you’d like to learn and go for it. There are countless resources on the internet, including written, audio or video courses on every subject imaginable. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Learn or brush up on a language
  • Learn to cook or bake delicious new recipes
  • Learn new skills you’ve only dreamed about: origami, calligraphy, drawing, Photoshop, card tricks, etc.
  • Study or just learn more about a subject you’re passionate about: history, genetics, true crime, fashion design, etc.
  • Take a work-related course to up your game and give your future career a boost.

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Stay social

Being under lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t connect with others, and we’re not just talking about scrolling through Instagram feeds. Use all the technology at your disposal like voice and video chat with friends and family often. It’s a great time to check in on people you care about that you haven’t connected with in a while.

Use WhatsApp for one-on-one calls and face-to-face connections. Or get a bigger group together using free Zoom video conferencing up to 100 people! Pro Tip: Have virtual happy hour on Zoom!

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Stay fit at home

Depending on your situation you may be able to go outside for walks and runs, and we’re huge proponents of doing that at least once a day. You need to boost your immune system to its max and staying active, and maintaining strong lungs and heart-health is crucial.

You may have a 14-day total lockdown if you’ve returned from a trip or exhibit even minor symptoms of COVID-19. There is still a lot you can do at home if you can’t go outside. Throw in some yoga, pilates and even stretching. All can help counterbalance the extra sitting around you’re likely doing hanging out at home 24/7.

We can’t all have a Peleton or even a treadmill at home, but good old school calisthenics can be the basis for a healthy workout. Pushups, abdominal crunches, skipping rope, jumping jacks will keep you strong and fit. For some extra resistance training you can order some light weights, and even rubber tubing  and search online for some great home workouts.

Yoga Workout Clothing

Make sure you stay positive as you can, and see this time at home as serious quality time to focus on things that really matter to you. Picture yourself six months from now looking back and thinking of what you truly wished you had done, learned or accomplished. And do all of that! Stay healthy and safe!

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